Great! You wanna know what Fizz is about? Pretty straight-forward it’s about real taste & less is more.

WTFizz?! Our sodas are hand crafted with just a few ingredients and no bullshit because we don’t like it. We don't use preservatives, flavourings and chemicals. Why should we, if we get all the real and authentic taste for our Fizz from Mother Nature. Only fruits grown by our South African farmers make it into our bottles - apples from the Elgin Valley, grapes from Stellenbosch and pineapples from Bathurst. Fruits get pressed right where they are picked, then get bottled and capped in small batches in Cape Town. Easy to see and taste where that genuine quality comes from.

Less is more - Quality fruit juice straight from the press with a dash of carbonated water and sparkle that fizzes you up! A refreshment that takes you back to the real flavours of Apple, Red Grape and Pineapple. FIZZ Cooldrinks is brought to you by the makers of Juicebox.

We love the original, real fruit taste – Local is Lekker! It’s simple.

Apple FIZZ

Crisp & Juicy

Less is more. Quench your thirst and let the bubbles tickle your lips. We press the juiciest, sun-ripened Golden Delicious and Granny Smith apples grown in the fertile Elgin Valley just outside of Cape Town and mix this up with refreshing fine bubbles. The result – a light, crisp and full flavoured soft drink, slightly sweet with a tangy bite. Get hooked on this delicious craft soda and enjoy the real FIZZ taste.

Grape FIZZ

Sweet & Smooth

This is something completely new, a non–alcoholic sensation. Our sparkling red grape juice is truly love at first sip. A combination of South Africas' finest grapes, Cabernet Sauvignon and Shiraz, harvested in the Cape Winelands. We give it some secret way of pressing to impress your taste buds. A full flavoured, smooth, sweet toned refreshment with a kick of FIZZ.

Pineapple FIZZ

Tropical & Tasty

Splash into this bubble bath of tropical flavour and let your taste buds immerse in the creamy smooth bubbles of FIZZ. Packed with sun-drenched pineapples grown in the Bathurst area, home of The Big Pineapple in South Africa. A semi-sweet, slightly tangy but full flavoured experience. Each sip brings you closer to the beach – try to pair me with some Coconutty stuff.

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